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The decision to have fillers placed in your face is never an easy one. There are so many different fillers on the market, each one promising so many different results, it can be extremely overwhelming to choose which one is right for you.  The important thing to know is that, just like our faces, all fillers have a unique purpose.  Take the time to discuss with your skin professional what area of your face you are looking to improve upon and what you would like the end result to be. 

For example, are you looking to fill in deep lines from years of furrowing or raising your brows?  Are you looking to get a more rested look around your eyes?  Do you want the frown lines around your mouth plumped up and restored to the way you looked when you were younger?  Maybe you are interested in ridding your mouth of those tiny, feathery lines that result from years of smoking or pursing your lips.  If you are a younger woman not yet dealing with deep lines or wrinkles, are you interested in products that will prevent those lines from showing up sooner rather than later?  Perhaps you are thinking about making the apples of your cheeks a little fuller or your cheekbones more prominent?

A fantastic result with fillers always starts with a great consultation.  Letting your provider know what you are looking to achieve is the key to getting the look you desire when making the decision to use fillers.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Don’t hesitate to bring in old photos of yourself and show your technician what you liked about your face back then that you aren’t happy with now.  Most of all, have faith in the skills of your provider. The right technician will find the perfect filler to restore your face to a more youthful, radiant state while still looking natural, fresh and fabulous! 

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