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CoolSculpting is all the rage right now.  Often described as “liposuction without surgery”, this process is easy and affordable.  But, what is CoolSculpting all about?  The clue to the science is right there in the name.  CoolSculpting is basically a non-invasive fat removal procedure that freezes targeted fat cells under the skin without disrupting the integrity of your skin.  Best of all, it comes with relatively no down time, leaving you free to look absolutely fabulous in time for your upcoming family reunion or office holiday party. 

So, what is the skinny on CoolSculpting?  It’s simple.  Using an FDA approved controlled freezing technique, the fat cells under your skin are frozen, forcing them to crystalize and fade away by your own body’s natural ability to absorb them and dispose of them.  This technology allows you to be able to remove fat in only targeted areas.   What does this mean for you?  It means you have the ability to literally sculpt your body while leaving other parts untouched.  Carve out a trimmer waistline!  Freeze away that post baby pooch!  The possibilities are endless and all done in a quick and convenient office visit.  You can freeze the unsightly fat during your lunch hour and be back before happy hour as a brand new you!  The beauty of it all is the fact that once the fat is frozen and the cells are dead, they are gone for good!  No pain.  No scars.  No post-surgical downtime.

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CoolSculpting is perfect for those problem spots that refuse to go away through traditional diet and exercise.  All you have to do is “chill” out, relax and allow your technician to create the body you have always dreamed of.  It’s the easiest way to give your body a “frozen treat” without having to count calories!  How cool is that?


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